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Ready to Uplevel Your Business?

Let me help you thrive by guiding you with
intuitive coaching to shift the energy of your business
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Energy & Your Business

Be successful at a business you love without exhausting yourself

in the process.



Your business is merely an extension of your own energy and vibration; your strengths and your challenges; your belief and thoughts; seen and unseen. Let me help you thrive by guiding you to shift the energy of your business by getting to the root of any challenge; discover what it's here to teach you and how to shift it.


7 Cups of Consciousness Practitioner

Based on the work of Aleya Dao

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The 7 Cups modality uses energetic protocols that help you shift aspects of your life that you desire to change.

The Higher Realms hold the blueprint for your life.  When you shift the energy in the Higher Realms, your life in the physical realm changes. Your Higher Self (your Energy Self) knows how to do this work.

It's recommended that you read Aleya's book before working with a practitioner so you can understand the basic concepts prior to working one-on-one.

Purchase paperback, digital, or audio formats at:  Amazon or Barnes & Noble   


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waking up in the morning well-rested and enthusiastic about your day.

 feeling ease within your business.

  focusing on the stuff you love. 


  your business bank accounts exactly where you want them.

  having a life and a business you love. 


Coaching Session

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Experience a safe container and energetic protocols that help you make the shift to be able to actualize your business goals.

Together we work to find the energetic root of your challenge and then apply the most aligned protocol to assist with transforming this challenge. That might include retrieving your power nuggets, gifts, wisdom, mastery, grids or your creative fabric. We might want to set energetic boundaries, or activate desired vibrations.

This work is highly personalized and each session is cultivated for your specific need and situation. I combine my corporate and business coaching experience with the Seven Cups of Consciousness practices to bring you this unique offering.
Let me help you thrive in business using these powerful tools.

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